Kalinkovichy Local History Museum

26 March 1991, the museum was founded. At first, it was located at School No 6, then transferred to a two-storey brick section of the District Military Commissariat For visitors 14 January 1994 opened an exhibition hall of the museum. The exhibition hall was opened for visitors on 14 January 1994. In 1999, there was the 1st exposition "Nature of Homeland and its Protection". On 14 January 2004, three exposition halls were opened: "Turns of History or Ancient Times of Kalinkovichi Land in Materal Remains"; "Kalinkovichi Order. My Grandfathers' Song", "They Passed through That War". In recent years, it actively acquires the features of the regional cultural center, which absorbs "Memory and Soul' of local people. The contents of the museum funds are defined by the historical trend of its development and presented by ten museum collections: documents, numismatics, ethnography and life, archaeology, printed editions, photographs, folk art, paintings, decorative arts and sculpture. Together, they draw an objective and bright historical and cultural picture of Kalinkovichi.
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